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Juthika Roy Ke Gaane

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Juthika Roy
at age 85

Juthika Roy with Indira Gandhi
Padmshree Award Function

Juthika Roy is a legendary bhajan singer with a very sweet voice. She started singing at the age of seven and recorded her first Hindi bhajan at the age of 12. Her first album was recorded with the guidance of her mentor Kazi Nazrul Islam whom she called Kazi Da. She sang many songs for the great music director Kamal Dasgupta. She went on to sing in Bengali & Hindi movies also but she is best know for her Meera Bhajans. She was awarded the Padmashree in 1972.

Following is adapted from an article published in "The Telegraph" (Kolkata newspaper) on December 10th, 2005.

On August 15, 1947, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's motorcade rolls down from Teenmurti Bhavan to the Red Fort. Juthika Roy had just finished singing for a 15-minute slot at the All India Radio (AIR) station. A man came running, urging her to return to the studio. The Prime Minister had sent in a request that she was to keep singing till he reached Red Fort and hoisted the Tiranga Jhanda (Tricolour Flag). So she went back and started off with Sone ka Hindustan. I must have sung 7 or 8 songs, the 85-year-old reflects, sitting in a sun-bathed room of her Shyampukur Street house where she stays tucked away from the bustle of north Calcutta, with her two sisters.

Juthika Roy was then at the height of her fame. She had been hailed as 'adhunik Meera' and was criss-crossing the country and even beyond to Sri Lanka and East Africa for performances. She says "I would come back to Calcutta from one part of the country and find a telegram waiting at home inviting me to another show elsewhere."

Use the following link to read an article she wrote for "The Statesman" (Kolkata Newspaper) on August 06, 2006. Go down to the heading "Song Sung True" to read about Juthika Roy's experiences with Sarojini Naidu and Mahatma Gandhi.

aaj mere ghar preetam aaye

aakaash tale jab deep jale

ankhon me Mathura hai Mohan mann me

anjaan nagar anjaan dagar

aayi diwaali deep jalaao

roti ankhiyaan naa samjhe samjhaaye

Juthika Roy Bhajans

darshan bina prabhuji dukhan laage

ghunghat ke pat khol - Meera Bai

kanhaiya pe tan man nichaawar karne

pag ghunghru baandh meera naachi re

tore ang se ang mila ke kanhaai ho

Tulsi Meera Sur Kabir

Juthika Roy

Kamal Dasgupta

Juthika Roy songs - music composed by Kamal Dasgupta.

baadal dekh rahi Shyaam mai

bol re Madhuban mei muraliya bol re

chupke chupke bol mainaa

Juthika Roy duet with Kamal Dasgupta.

meri prem ki naiyaa chali mai akeli

lyrics for meri prem ki naiyaa chali mai akeli premi, tum aao